Hi, I'm Klara

a food and sustainability enthusiast based in the Bay Area, passionate about solving the world's biggest problems.

Meanwhile, at Klara's House...

(What I'm working on atm)

Taking care of & experimenting with my spirulina tanks.

Developing formulas and experiments on Spira's pigments.

#BuildingInPublic by documenting my process on Twitter.

Diving deep into alt-protein like air-based and algae-based.

Inventing biomaterials and documenting my findings.

My Values







Featured Projects

ReGrained Internship

Last Summer, I interned at ReGrained, an upcycled ingredient startup, where I helped to launch a new line of pasta, interact with social media influencers, as well as forge brand relationships for future collaborations.

Spirulina Research + Work

I'm currently researching how to optimize spirulina production so it can live up to its full potential. Spirulina is a microalgae with amazing properties and through my product development internship at Spira, I get to explore its many applications!


As part of a hackathon, my team and I came up with the idea of Twillica: a "one for all" jacket capable of adapting to the user's comfort. Its shape-shifting ability is the result of carbon nanotubes and shape memory polymers. We got fourth place!


This Summer, I spent a month at the University of Illinois researching entomology and bioinspired design. I assisted with a project replicating cicada wings as well as ran my own study on the wing surface of fireflies.

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